Kaiao offers a wide variety of consulting and training services on autism understanding and sensory sensitivity understanding for organizations of all sizes and shapes. Most of our services are tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs. We offer support for project and service design, training needs or sparring support. Saara is M.Soc.Sc (University of Helsinki) and KoKoA educated Expert by Experience with a lifelong experience of Autism spectrum. Prior to launching Kaiao she has gained wide experience in consultation project work, writing and educating projects. She is a well liked speaker and accomplished writer with a passion to make complicated subjects accessible and enjoyable to her audiences.

Kaiao’s innovative SenseWalk concept is a way to enable our customers to pinpoint sensory triggers in their actual sensory environments, be they workplaces or care service providers for deeply autistic customers. SenseWalk concept utilizes combination of perceptive power of an Autism spectrum person with communication skills of a professional consultant. This enables us to help our clients to understand a world hidden from those with normal senses, and assist them in improving their own services, customer experience and workplace wellness.

Kaiao’s vision is to be a business that builds bridges between autism spectrum/sensory sensitive people and general population. We are committed to providing our client organizations high quality services that are also sustainable from social and environmental perspective. Our approach is autism friendly, constructive and solution centered.

All our services are available in both Finnish and English. Just contact us via webpage or email to open a discussion about how Kaiao could assist your organization to benefit from better understanding of neurodiversity!

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